The Biggest Meme Coin of the Year 2022

$SHINU is a Community Driven Meme Coin on the Binance Smart Chain which aims to bring the old BSC days back.





Why  $SHINU ?

• Experienced and dedicated team

• Active Community  

• Regular Giveaways for the community  

• Low Tax: so you get more worth of your money  


• SHINU will have its very own NFT'S with a high APY Staking.

• 25% of the money from the NFT mint will be donated to dog shelters and 25% will be put back into the chart to buyback SHINU and 50% will be kept aside for marketing  

How to buy $SHINU

  • Download and set up MetaMask or Trust Wallet 
  • Purchase BNB (BEP-20) and send to your wallet address
  • Visit  PancakeSwap 
  • Insert the amount of BNB you would like to swap for $SHINU
  • Depending on the buy and sell pressure, higher slippage may be necessary
  • Press “Swap” and confirm the transaction in your wallet 
  • Congratulations – welcome to the SHINU Community!

Enter and import the $SHINU contract address:

$SHINU Tokenomics

3% on buy/ 3% on sell for Marketing Tax

The marketing tax is spent on frequent influencer posts, posts on renowned crypto websites, etc., to ensure consistent visibility throughout the cryptocurrency space.

1% Development

1% of buy/1% of sell transaction is allocated to $SHINU Development

1% Auto-Liquidity

1% of buy/sell transaction is transformed into liquidity for PancakeSwap. It’s automatic and helps create a price floor (stability). $SHINU will be paired with BUSD to add stability.

1% Charity

1% of sell transaction will be allocated towards dog shelter and charity


Buy $SHINU Now.

Invest in $SHINU Token and enjoy our Crypto Ecosystem.

We encourage all investors to get to know us! We had numerous investment successes, but we aren’t immune to the scams in the crypto space. We still advice you to Do Your Own Research (DYOR) before investing with us.

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